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Marketing Tools

Playgirl Gold offers a variety of content that is updated frequently to use for promotions. Below are the direct links to our secure pages where you can find downloadable zip files of content, x rated banners and video clips. You must have the universal login information to access the content from these links:

If you do not have the universal login information, please login to your webmaster console at CCBill by clicking the link below. Once you’ve logged in, please click the Marketing Tools button on the left then click Site Content. Displayed will be the above URL’s and the universal login information.

To access the hosted picture and video galleries as well as the gallery of the day and picture of the day, please click the below link. Once you’ve logged in using your personal login information, click the Marketing Tools button on the left. Listed, are the buttons for each.

Otherwise, below are G rated banners in various sizes that you can use. Please follow these easy instructions for using the below banners.

Save the banner you choose to your hard drive.
– Right-click on the banner and select the command that saves the file to your hard drive.
– In the Save-As window you can rename the file if you want. Save the banner to a folder or location of your preference.

Add your link code to the banner.
– Please choose your payment option and note the difference between our revshare commissions and our $25 per sign up option.
– Using your html design program, place the banner on your web page.
– Select the banner you saved and add this link for our revshare commission structure: …
– or add this link for our flat rate $25 per sign up option: Please replace the XXXXXX with your account number.

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